Professional Development

Providing the nourishment your teachers need.

Dr. Schwab does customized consultations with educators.

- Classroom Management

- Instructional Delivery

- Mentoring

- Supporting Social and Emotional Growth

- Team Building

- Community Building

Learning formats

Interactive Presentations

Dr. Schwab will come in and deliver interactive presentations to a group of educators on the topic of your choice. Interactive presentations call for participation, promoting an engaging classroom environment much like educators will emulate later in the classroom themselves.


Dr. Schwab will sit down with a group of educators to lead a discussion. During this discussion based on your chosen topic(s), Dr. Schwab will lead your educators to develop skills in a way that is slightly more hands-on than presentations.

One-on-One Mentoring

Dr. Schwab will work with a teacher or educator individually. She will get to know them, listen to their ideas, and help them discover what strategies work best for them in their chosen area of interest.

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